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Wealthramp matches you to trusted fiduciary advisors hand selected by investor advocate Pam Krueger

Here's how

We cut through the noise, screen out veiled sales pitches, and eliminate unsolicited contact to help you meet a rigorously vetted fiduciary advisor on your terms.

Our technology

Our advanced technology aligns each advisor’s expertise to your individual needs to quickly deliver personalized, best-fit advisor referrals. We strategically use technology to realize our investor advocacy mission and deliver highly tailored matches from our network of fiduciary financial advisors.


Wealthramp combines technology with a personal human touch so that you can confidently and privately access the quality financial advisor you’re seeking.

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Transparency. Clarity. Knowledge.

Built on Pam Krueger’s 25+ years of investor advocacy, we rigorously vet all financial advisors and ensure they have no veiled brokerage or insurance incentives. We independently screen advisor fee structures. You are matched with up to three fiduciaries experienced in your particular financial priorities.

  • No hidden advisor financial interests
  • Transparent fee structures
  • Deep expertise tailored to your specific needs

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How we make money

Our company’s values are rooted in investor advocacy, and our business model is a reflection of this. Wealthramp is paid by the advisor, and that payment happens only after a successful outcome for you has been achieved. There is no expense to you for our vetting, matching, and education services. We align all financial interests to help you make decisions that protect and grow your wealth.

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You're in control

Only you can initiate contact with your advisor referrals. They can’t contact you without your permission. We give you the coaching and education resources you need to make a hiring decision.


  • Retain your first-move privileges
  • Get the questions to ask and insights to look for
  • Initiate a collaboration with a quality advisor on your terms

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Our History

In 2012 the stock market seemed unsafe to individual investors, many of whom had seen their 401k balances cut in half during the financial meltdown of 2008. Viewers of my TV series, MoneyTrack, began asking where to go for qualified financial advice. Our viewers did not want to rely on robo-advisors or wirehouse brokers, they were asking me to make introductions to trusted fiduciary financial advisors.

Wealthramp is my answer to that request. Knowing that I believe very few financial advisors can truly earn an ‘A’ grade on a report card, and the vast majority of so-called advisors are really sales reps at brokerage firms or insurance companies, I spent four full years vetting literally thousands of financial professionals. I then thoughtfully hand selected only those independent advisors who are truly established, experienced, following fiduciary best practices, and only compensated by their clients. By that I mean fee-only.

Since 2019, we’ve made over 10,000 matches and counting. I’ve heard from so many people who’ve reached out to me personally to tell me that their Wealthramp advisor has exceeded their expectations. For most, this kind of collaborative relationship with an expert is brand new. I enjoy making time every day to talk to Wealthramp users to answer their questions about their advisor referrals, and I love hearing your feedback. I am truly here to help you through this process to meet an advisor who will provide you financial peace of mind.

- Pam Krueger

Founder of Wealthramp